A workplace health and safety audit is a waste of time and money..... Said no one ever!

20 June 2019

A workplace health and safety audit is a waste of time and money..... Said no one ever!

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A workplace health and safety audit INDEPENDENTLY examines the current safety management system to report that your organisation is compliant to the regulations or not. By undertaking an audit will ensure that your organisation understands whether it has an effective safety management system in place to manage any health and safety issues.

A large percentage of companies require an audit on their health and safety policies and procedures when proposing to do work or tender for work, this is to provide assurance to the related businesses.

Each Australian state has different regulations that need to be adhered to. Veritas RSW is across all of the different rules, regulations and codes of practices in a number of industries to ensure that your organisation is compliant and puts itself in the best position to not only gain work $$, but also do it in a safe and healthy fashion.

For those of you who want to know what is involved in an audit. Throughout a health and safety audit, the policies and procedures with be reviewed by the independent auditor; this is done to assess the effectiveness of the relevant procedures. An audit has a few stages involved, such as what many people refer to as a desktop review of the current paperwork, which precedes any interviews that will be done with key stakeholders within the organisation. These stages will be followed by worksite inspections where it is the role of the auditor to not only conduct risk assessments but also identify hazards and suggest ways to improve the overall management of health and safety.

What will my business get from this audit?
Apart from the performance benefits the organisation will be provided with a thorough report on all of the findings, which will be of a huge benefit for not only reviewing the workplace practices but also providing business continuity and sustainability. This report becomes a valuable tool to all key stakeholders within the business as they work towards achieving a goal of a fully compliant workplace.

Did you know?

Did you know that Veritas means ‘Truth’, and the story goes that Veritas was the goddess of truth, whom was so elusive and was said to have hid at the bottom of a well.

Veritas RSW was created as a health and safety consultancy, we want to work with organisations to help them find their truth and to make informed decisions. The RSW stands for Risk, Safety and Welfare.
These are aspects that we believe are integral to health and safety.