Who is Veritas RSW?

30 July 2019

Who is Veritas RSW?

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At Veritas RSW we think differently by providing solutions and consultancy services that enable an organisation, project, team or event to be safe, compliant and efficient.

Our Story
Established in 2018, Perth, Western Australia, Veritas RSW is here to meet today’s complex workplace health and safety challenges. We specialise in providing risk, safety and welfare consultancy services for industries ranging from the resource sector and to high performance sport.

Key Capabilities
✓ HSEQ support
✓ HSEQ Management Systems development and implementation ✓ Audit, inspection and compliance
✓ Risk Workshop and Risk Management
✓ Project HSEQ documentation and support
✓ High Risk Work Controls
✓ Strategies to reduce Insurance Premiums
✓ Emergency Preparedness and Response
✓ HSEQ Training
✓ Behavioural Safety and HSEQ Leadership
✓ HSEQ Branding and Culture Development

Why Veritas RSW

We constantly aim to be industry leaders in managing risk, safety and welfare.
The Veritas Core Values' drive our behaviour and are at the heart of everything we do. We seek to be characterised by our passion, courage, leadership and innovative spirit.

HSEQ Expertise – We provide a comprehensive range of HSEQ services tailored to the needs of organisations across the resource sector and to high performance sport. Specifically, we have a team of HSEQ professionals with expertise in developing and implementing Safety Management Systems. By working with our team, you have access to a broad range of skills, experience and industry best-practice.
Reduced Risk – By working with Veritas RSW you can be assured of service continuity regardless of any unforeseen circumstances. We employ a team of full-time HSEQ professionals and have access to external resources and experts to ensure that your project is a priority.
Flexibility – We offer a flexible working arrangement with the potential for any work scope to be completed on site or from the Veritas RSW offices with engagement and consultation sessions at times suitable to our clients.
Delivery Timeframe – By working with Veritas RSW you have the benefit of partnering with an experienced team of HSEQ professionals and Project Managers, meaning that multiple tasks can be completed in parallel, thus dramatically reducing the delivery times without impact to your organisation.
Capability to Deliver – Veritas RSW resources can be called upon as required to support your organisation with additional project support as required. You will have the advantage of being managed with one key point of contact. We can scale up or scale down support as business needs dictate.
Cost Effective – At Veritas RSW we understand that cost effective means value for money. We aim to deliver your project in a cost-effective manner, maximising value for money and ensuring that we deliver over and above our client’s expectations.