At Veritas RSW we recognise that everyone has a right to a healthy and safe workplace. As an employer, professional sporting organisations have legal responsibilities and duties of care under the Health and Safety legislation that they must comply with.

We’re here to provide expert guidance on how professional teams can provide protection by developing and implementing health and safety workplace standards for professional athletes, teams and organisations.

We offer the following services:

  • Player welfare management
  • Mental health and wellbeing assessments
  • Health & Safety Management system development
  • Injury management
  • Accident investigation
  • Workers compensation reviews
  • Independent welfare reviews
  • Equipment testing
  • Insurance reviews
  • Investigation
  • Independent peer review
  • Due diligence
  • Product Safety Reviews
  • Event Management
  • Travel Risk Management

Other Services

As an extension of our services and as part of our commitment to delivering value, we also offer services that draw upon our experience and participation in professional sport.

Product Reviews

Product Reviews

At Veritas RSW, whether it’s the resource sector or you’re a professional sports team, we know that clients may need product safety guaranteed by an independent and impartial third party.

We coordinate the test of products and processes by using the Veritas RSW international network of laboratory facilities to provide clients with the verification they need. We offer a prompt, professional service with a level of transparency that gives clients the assurance that either current or new products comply with health and safety legislation.

Event Management

Event Management

Events play a major part in Australian culture and society. At Veritas RSW we are here to help event organizers fulfil their health and safety duty of care responsibilities to both staff and the public, by providing a safe and enjoyable event.

Veritas RSW will ensure clients take a risk management approach to safety when planning and executing any event. We understand that most event organizers manage risk to some degree, however, many do not do it in a systematic way or understand the health and safety legislation or regulations applicable to running a safe event.

At Veritas RSW we are here to help you create resilience.